Cabinet Massage

intimate place, the aim of which is intense impact on the senses of touch, smell and hearing. Manual massage techniques, carefully selected essential oils, candles and romantic music allow you to nurture the body while relaxing the mind.

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relaxation massage 50 me. / 120 zł
It relaxes, relaxing, removes muscle tension in the most vulnerable places stress. Restores proper operation of the internal organs and smoothes and firms the skin of our body. It is the regeneration of the body after exercise, both physical and mental.
partial massage 20 me. / 50 zł
The massage desired parts of the body e.g.. back, face or feet. Beneficial effects of massage where we most need it.
chocolate massage 50 min./ 140 zł
A feast for the body and senses. Chocolate used to massage relaxes and regenerates. Massage improves blood circulation and reduces body fat.
Hot stones massage 50 min./ 130 zł 80 min./ 160 zł
Known in ancient times, combines manual massage and thermotherapy. This allows a better flow of energy through the body tired or sick. Hot stones improves circulation, They make it easy to relax and fall asleep.
Scrub / peeling salt or sugar 30 min./ 80 zł
The treatment consists of exfoliation of dead skin. Strongly smoothes and firms, and improves blood circulation and skin tone.

On face

face lift 40 me. / 110 zł
natural botox, non-invasive massage, which rejuvenates and gives natural color of our skin of the face, neck and neck. treatment Lifts, improves skin firmness, increases the production of collagen and elastin, thus provoking our skin regeneration process. Restores a radiant look.
Deeply moisturizing and firming 50 me. / 120 zł
Deep and long-term regenerating treatment, essential for sensitive and dehydrated skin. Kompleks 12 acid, which stimulates cells to regenerate, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and hyaluronic acid in two forms guarantee performance in any layer of the skin.
cleansing treatment 50 min./ 120 zł
Treatment for oily skin, mixed, acne, with many blackheads and the problem of excessive sebum secretion. antibacterial effect, przeciwtrądzikowo, anti-inflammatory. The complexion after the treatment is dull and radiant.
firming 50 min./ 120 zł
Treatment for mature skin, flabby and with signs of skin aging. Comprehensive treatment with powerful firming. Actively prevents and reduces the signs of aging. It stimulates facial muscles and improves the oval.