Tasty and healthy

After an eventful day, we invite you to visit our restaurant, which serves dishes of Polish and international cuisine.

Fish, meat, pasta

You will find a large variety of fish, pasts and meats.

Delicious Pizza

For pizza's gourmands, we are pleased to recommend house-made pizzas ordered in a unique way.

Our delicious burgers

If you like burgers, you should try ours - they're always fresh, made from our homemade recipe.

Beverage Selection

Accompany your meal with wine from our cellar and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


-Tomato bruschetta, basil, Garlic, Parmesan – 24 zł
-Bruschetta goat cheese, rocket, glazed pear – 26 zł
Cheese and cold cuts board – 45 zł
Shrimps in olive oil with toast – 32 zł

The soup of the day – 19zł
Cream of tomato with basil and toast – 20zł
Fish soup – 36zł

Pork chop,chips,a set of salads – 46 zł
Grilled chicken breast, jasmine rice, green salad – 48 zł
Pork tenderloin in mushroom sauce, hooves, lettuce with vinaigrette dressing – 56 zł

Pierogi feast
Lentils dumplings – 36 zł
Warmia dumplings with buckwheat, egg and bacon- 39 zł
Dzyndzałki with meat served with fried onion- 39 zł
Dumplings with berries, served with thick cream- 36 zł

Spaghetti carbonara – 38 zł
Tagliatelle with chicken, cream sauce,dried tomatoes, Parmesan – 42 zł
Tagliatelle with pork tenderloin, spinach,pear, in cheese sauce, Parmesan – 45 zł
Spaghetti Marinara with sepia, prawns, cherry tomatoes, garlic, parsley, in white wine sauce – 45zł


Pike perch fillet in dill sauce, chips, coleslaw – 56 zł
Cod fillet with mashed potatoes, a set of salads – 48 zł
Mussels with shallots and cherry tomatoes in a white wine sauce – 55zł

Vertigo z raw ham – 47 zł
Vertigo with smoked salmon – 47zł
Beet carpaccio with goat cheese – 40 zł
Halloumi- with arugula, pomegranate and mango – 45 zł
Caesar- with grilled chicken- 45 zł

Classic with fries – 100% beef, ser cheddar, cucumber, tomato, onion, lettuce, ketchup, Mayonnaise – 45 zł
Hot with fries – 100% beef, jalapeno pepper, Jam With Red Onion, cheddar lettuce, cheese sauce – 48 zł
Vegetarian with fries – grilled halloumi, grilled beetroot, pepper, mango, rocket salad – 45

Meringue with cream and fresh fruit – 32 zł
Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries – 25 zł
Dessert of the day – 19

Chips-10 zł
Puree maślane-10 zł
Multi-vegetable salad-12 zł
Misery-12 zł